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    Why Advertise on When you advertise on, your company will benefit by getting its message directly to vast numbers of health conscious consumers. You will also feel comfortable knowing that is an Environmentally and ethic conscious site. is also embarking on an extensive promotion campaign to bring this site to all who can benefit from improved health.

    Banner Advertising Rates
    Banner advertising rates are based on guaranteed impressions. Rates for packages of impressions are listed below. We have rates for both top and bottom banners. As our Web site continues to expand, we will offer additional advertising options.

    Top Banner Rates
    Package Size
    Per Impression
    3.5 ¢
    3.2 ¢
    3.0 ¢
    Total Cost

    Bottom Banner rates
    Package Size
    Per Iimpression
    2.5 ¢
    2.2 ¢
    2.0 ¢
    Total Cost

    Button Rates
    Package Size
    Per Iimpression
    1.5 ¢
    1.2 ¢
    1.0 ¢
    Total Cost

    Button Advertising Rates
    A limited number of button advertisements are available each month. Button ads appear on the left tool bar, or on the top of the page. (Depending on space availability)

    Special Note: New advertisers will be provided with free listing of button or banner ads for their first 14 days on our site.

    Image Formats and Sizes

  • Images must be submitted in GIF or JPEG formats
  • Images may be submitted in either single or infinite animation loops.
  • Images must function with versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator numbered 3.0 and above.
  • Banner images must be exactly 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high and not greater than 12k in file size.
  • Button images must be exactly 120 pixels wide x 60 pixels high and not greater than 12k in file size.

    Delivery Instructions
    All ads must be submitted via e-mail to Ads must be received by us 5 days prior to placement. A contact name, phone number and e-mail address must accompany ads. Ads must contain alt text and the full URL to which the banner will link.

    Getting Started

  • Please contact us at
  • If you are a new customer, you may be required to complete a credit application.
  • If you are a new customer, you will also be asked to submit a description of your company's products or services.
  • Read through our Advertising Terms and Conditions.
  • Complete and submit an Insertion Order.
  • reserves the right to accept any advertisement.

    Contact Information
    For more detailed information on how to advertise with us,
    please email Clint Skidmore at


    1. ORDER. This contract is subject to acceptance by, which acceptance may be presumed unless a letter of rejection is mailed within 30 days from the date receives the order. Publisher reserves the right to reject advertising at its own discretion, or upon receipt of any objection concerning the advertising as submitted.

    2. GENERAL GUIDELINES. guidelines for allowing an advertisement from our site are: reserves the right to refuse a request for advertisement without providing a justification for such action. does not accept pornographic related advertising. is the final judge as to these terms. All banners submitted to for the purpose of advertising are subject to modification to conform to the standard banner sizes indicated in our Advertising Information Sheet provided with this contract.

    3. TERMS OF PAYMENT. Advertiser agrees to pay for all advertising in advance, except where packages of 100,000 or more impressions are purchased, in which case the payment is prorated over a three month period with the first month's payment amount due on contract. If not timely paid or uncollectable, the amount due shall bear a late charge of 5% per moth until paid. If non-payment exceeds 90 days from invoice date, the amount past due will be turned over to a collection agency or attorney for further collection purposes. Advertiser shall also pay any attorney's fees and any costs incurred in collecting any unpaid amounts. If there is more than one advertiser, all will be jointly and severally liable.

    4. AGENCY RESPONSIBILITY. In the event Advertiser is an advertising agency acting on behalf of a client, the failure of such client to pay amounts due to Advertiser does not relieve or delay the obligation to pay amount due to Publisher under this contract. An advertising agency acting on behalf of their client must accept responsibility for timely payment.

    5. ADVERTISING CONTENT. Advertiser has sole responsibility for the content of the advertising, and warrants that: (a) it is authorized to sell the products or services advertised and to use any information or depiction in the advertising; and (b) it has the right to use any trademark, service marks, or trade names in the advertising; and (c) the advertising complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Advertiser indemnifies for any attorney's fees, expenses, losses or damages incurred that may incur by publishing the advertising in reliance of Advertiser's warranties.

    6. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Advertiser acknowledges that: (a) alternative and competing advertising media are available; (b) occasional errors or omissions in advertising may occur which cannot be corrected until next update; (c) any potential harm from an error or omission is speculative in nature; and (d) advertising rates do not reflect its value to each advertiser. Therefore, for mutual consideration, Advertiser agrees that any liability due to error or omissions in the advertising shall not exceed the amount of charges for the advertising in which the error or omission occurred and that liability shall be discharged by abatement or refund of the advertising charges. This limitation of liability applies to claims in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise against and its employees and to any loss of business, profits or additional advertising cost incurred. It also applies to any special, incidental or consequential damages and to any claim by any third party regarding the advertising. It is agreed that the advertising is intended only to benefit Advertiser and any benefit to others is merely incidental.

    7. GUARANTEES. does not guarantee that all add impressions will be displayed within a specified time period. Your ad on will continue until all banner impressions have been successfully displayed .

    12. TERMS OF PAYMENT. The current fee for your ad is $____________ for you package of ___________ impressions. The payment is due upon the submission of the contract. For Packages larger than 100,000 impressions, the first monthly payment is due upon the submission of the contract. The remaining two payments will be invoiced to your company and are due on the first of each month. Or $____________per 1000 impessions , with ____________impression's ordered.

    13. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT/REFUNDS. This contract may be terminated by either party upon thirty days written notice if: (a) either party ceases to do business, (b) sponsor is in default of payment, or (c) sponsor or is found to be in violation of the contract by offering materials of an illegal or pornographic nature on their respective web site. In the event of contract termination, refunds will be issued if: (a) ceases business, or (b) is in violation by offering illegal or pornographic materials on the web site. Refunds are determined based only for the ads that have been served. In all other instances, refunds will not be issued. In the event of contract termination on your part for reasons other than those stated above, you will be invoiced for the net outstanding balance remaining on said contract with terms of due on receipt.

    14. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This contract along with the order form is the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other agreements or representations.


    Signature: _______________________________________________
    Name: __________________________________________________
    Position: ________________________________________________
    Date: ___________________________________________________
    Signature: _______________________________________________
    Name: __________________________________________________
    Date: ___________________________________________________

    Order Form
    Company Information
    Company Name: Phone :
    Contact Name: Fax:
    Street Address Suite
    City: State/Prov : Zip/Postal Code:
    Website Information
    Website Name: E-mail:
    URL to Site:
    URL linked to Add (if different):
    Description of products or services sold:
    Ad Information
    Type of Ad:
    Top Banner       Bottom Banner       Button
    Do you want your ad in a specific section only?:
    Do you want your ad on a specific page only?:
    Comments or additional Specifications:
    Payment Information
    Package (Number of impressions ordered): Start Date:
    Payment Enclosed (See rate sheet): $
    Print Name:
    Signature: Date:
    Thank you from
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