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  • Jeanne Shaw, RNC
    This weeks question:
    I eat according to the Food Guide, is that not enough?

    Not necessarily. As I have emphasized, everyone is biochemically different and does different things with the food they put in their bodies. Also, it has been my experience that many of ...
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    What is Natural Nutrition?

    Registered Nutritional Consultants work with people to help them support their bodies in maintaining or achieving optimal health. By supporting the body nutritionally, it is able to do its own normalizing and balancing. The advice given by a Nutritional Consultant maybe of benefit to anyone who has specific concerns about weight loss, pregnancy, food sensitivities, lactation, family nutrition, long term health and dis-ease prevention. Sometimes, people come to a Nutritional Consultant simply because they are trying to make sense out of all the different theories of nutrition. Remember, Nutritional Consultants do not treat dis-ease; what they do is help educate people to make improvements in their diet, so that their nutritional health can be normalized. The emphasis is on helping others to make better food choices for themselves. This kind of advice typically includes such topics as food selection and preparation, detection and management of food sensitivities, evaluation of imbalances in the body and the use of food supplements.

    The Vegan Diet During Pregnancy and Lactation

    Pregnancy is a time of increased nutritional needs, both to support the rapidly growing fetus and to allow for the changes occurring in the pregnant ...


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