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    Feature Recipe: Eggplant Burgers
    Place these on a bun or slice and eat with your favorite grain or pasta.
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    Featured Cookbook:
    Follow Your Heart's Vegetarian Soup Cookbook

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    Did You Know...

    Commercial farming is polluting our water. Because of agricultural run-offs our drinking water is being serverly poisoned.

    Veggie Quote
    'Human beings are not natural carnivores. When we kill animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never intended for human beings, who are natural herbivores.'
    William C. Roberts, M.D., Edit
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    Did You Know...

    Saturated fat is considered a BAD fat because it elevates your blood cholesterol.

    To spruce up your soups, baked goods, teas or other beverages try using dried lemon, lime or orange zest. To make the zest use the skin of an organic lemon, lime or orange. Using a zest peeler shave off the rind and lay out to dry in a cool dark place. Once dried place in a grinder (you can use a coffee grinder)and pulse into a powder. Store in a brown paper bag or a glass jar until ready to use.

    Director of Flavour:
    Chef Bryan
    Born: Toronto, Ont. Current address: Vancouver, BC Years cooking: 8 Base of operation: Jupiter Café Position: Director of Flavor Mission: To enrich the human palette Cooking is like art, only art with food. The kaleidoscope of colors, flavors bursting, creation of culinary cuisine, the plate is the canvas. That is the way I look at it and that is why I do it. Having fun, making people happy, oh and eating well too are some of the reasons for me. That is the way I look at life, just like cooking, the possibilities are endless. Being a chef is pretty sweet (no pun intended), knowing that your food has put a smile on someone's face kind of puts the final stroke of the brush! I hope you have fun with some of the missions I will assign to you. Enjoy! Creatively yours, Bryan Maguire Director of flavor You can experience one of Bryan's many creations at Jupitor Cafe 1216 Bute Vancouver, British Columbia Canada  
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