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    I am delighted to bring to you one of the most extensive alternative/natural health resource sites available on the web today. NutritionEarth was started because of my deep-seated passion to spread awareness of natural health. Ten years ago my mother-in-law introduced me to better eating habits and Health Food Stores. I had been a vegetarian for some time but unfortunately not a healthy one. I was struggling health wise with a congenital heart disease known as Idiopathic Hypertrophic Subaortic Stenosis. Yes, this is a long word but to put it simply I had a muscle thickness in the left ventricle of my heart. This was making it difficult for the blood to flow through. I was only in my early twenties at the time and wasn't until I was twenty-six that I found a doctor in Toronto, Ontario that would help change my life. In January of 1996 I had Open Heart Surgery to remove the excess muscle. It relieved most of the symptoms that I was experiencing and for the first time in nearly six years I had hope of a long healthy life ahead of me. This past January I celebrated the 5th Anniversary of my operation. A day that is spent with my husband Clint and German Shepherd Kaiya.

    I can't say that the past five years have been easy as it is a long recovery road but I can say that this journey has brought me to a life of natural health. After the surgery I used natural therapies to help me strengthen my body and obtain optimal health. I go to Acupuncture regularly to keep my body balanced. I see a Chiropractor weekly to help my scoliosis, which became very profound after the surgery. I see a Naturopath twice yearly to test for food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies. I hike daily as I've mentioned I have a German Shepherd who keeps my husband and I very active. I also do pilates and yoga everyday to help strengthen my body. I've learned to meditate, eat well balanced whole meals, take time to write in my journal and show my gratitude for all that life has brought me. I volunteer for the Pacific Open-Heart Association in Vancouver, BC. I meet with other heart patients before they have their surgery. I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and am a member of the International Nutritional Organization of Canada making me a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. I had my own consulting practice for a short time in Nelson, British Columbia but gave it up to start NutritionEarth.com. I felt that I wanted to reach more people on a wider level.

    My goal for NutritionEarth is to help inform you of the many worthwhile choices there are for a healthy and fulfilling life. I know that I couldn't be the person I am today without having had all the alternative therapies to help me. I've also been blessed with extraordinary health care professionals that have been not only therapist/doctors but also friends. We are always in the state of growing at NutritionEarth, so that we can bring you the most updated information and more options to view. This site is 100% free allowing you to gather information, try out new recipes, research a new vegetable or food, become a part of our book club, discover new music for your reading pleasure, be inspired by our weekly quotes, find a health professional in your area, "Ask the Expert" the question that has been plaguing you, place an ad in our FREE classifieds section, sign up for our FREE e-mail, plus much much more. We also encourage you to participate as we recognize that you have lots of valuable information to offer in this time of wellness seeking for the body, mind and spirit.

    Healthfully yours,

    Kelli Taylor

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